Tecktonik World Tour

Game description

Tecktonik World Tour is the official game of the Tecktonik dance movement. The movement appeared in France around 2007 (disappeared shortly after), and involved fabulous dance moves, as seen in the game’s ad above (sadly, no proper gameplay footage or trailer is available on YouTube).

The game features motion captured choreographies by the most famous Tecktonik dancers, and a gameplay inspired by Ouendan or Elite Beat Agents.

The player has to touch the dots on the screen with the stylus in time with the music and the dance moves. The difficulty progresses throughout the 15 levels, but the patterns always follow the dancer’s moves.

My contribution

I worked on this game as part of my internship :

  • Level design : I designed a couple of levels that made it into the game. We used xml for that, and had to work within the bounds of our limited mocap data.
  • Game design : After we delivered the gold master, we began work on the Wii version of the game. I wrote an initial draft of the design doc, which a senior designer then refined. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the game was canned shortly after production began, because the publisher felt Tecktonik’s time was over.