iWater Flow

Game description

iWater Flow mimicks a popular toy from our childhood. While the toy doesn’t have an official name as far as I know, you’re still sure to recognize it.

Your toy (or, in this case, your iPhone) is filled with water and a bunch of rings are lying in there. There are also one or several spikes, and two buttons. A kid’s instinct drives you as you push the buttons, releasing a water current that raises the rings. Then you tilt the toy as the rings begin to float downward, in order to secure them on the spikes. Then you repeat until all but one ring is secured, and you tilt it again, and, oh… no! Your rings floated out of the spike… Well, try again.

In our iPhone version, 4 different toy designs are provided, as well as three modes : classic (the original toy), rush (where you try to secure all rings at once), and time-attack (where you must secure as many rings as possible – they disolve afterwards so as not to get in the way – which, I admit, is a small departure from the original physics of the game).

My contribution

Although I’m credited as the game’s designer, I only contributed a little. The original idea was one of our programmers’, and he did most of the job. Once the game’s scope was defined, I contributed in these areas :

  • Level design : Yeah, seriously. Some of the toys are hard to complete in rush mode, so we had to design levels that would be more forgiving for beginners.
  • Achievements : The game supports OpenFeint achievements, so we had to define them and write the associated text.