Horse Life 2

Game description

Horse Life 2 is the first game of the series on PC. It’s a horse-riding game, where the player gets to explore different environments and participate in competitions : show jumping, dressage & cross-country.

The game features a traditionnal control scheme for most of the gameplay sequences, but the dressage asks the players to execute rythm patterns with the mouse.

The story takes the player to exotic countries, such as the States (!), South Africa, and Greece. There, he may encounter truly exotic mounts, such as a zebra and a unicorn.

My contribution

My contribution to this game includes :

  • Cross country level design : the cross-country levels had¬†already their backgrounds and paths integrated. My mission was to place the obstacles on those tracks.
  • Dressage level design : the dressage shows were designed by a professional horse-rider, and needed to be integrated. However, since our specialist wasn’t in the studio, we had some problems with the animations that comprised our events. We had to work that out on our own with the animator, adapting the designs when necessary.